Naomi Safran-Hon

Slag Gallery is pleased to present Tight Connections, a solo presentation of recent works by Naomi Safran-Hon. This will be the artist's fifth solo exhibition at the gallery.

In this new body of work, the Tight Connections may not be obvious. The artist embeds photographs into paintings with cement, fabric, lace, and acrylic. The oeuvre explores the space between photography and painting. The invisible seam lines between the works' disparate materials bring into focus how easy it is to overlook how we are all connected. An aspect, the artist suggests, which the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light.

Tight Connections are present throughout the exhibit, drawing a relationship between cement and lace, as well as in the subject matter and content. In the painting Behind Her Eye the artist extends the reality of the photograph occupying the work’s middle into its upper and lower sections, recreating the image in the picture’s material. In Babel, an image of a building under construction is expanded into a grid-like abstraction, creating a tension between illusion and actuality. These works and others ask the viewer to question what they believe in, and how it is connected to their own identity and story.

Turning the Corner, 2021, Acrylic, lace, cement, sewing pins and archival inkjet print on canvas, 50 x 40 inches